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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Female Genital Circumcision - Fake Hadiths

It is a shameful practice that is prevalent in different cultures including Muslims. However, it is not Islamic.  None of the books the author has referred to are authentic hadiths.

Unfortunately, for Muslims, they rely on any book written by any 'Muslim Scholar'from the past, and do not have the money to search for the truth, and buy whatever is dished out to them.

You may like this piece " Source of Muslim Extremism" at http://worldmuslimcongress.org/the-source-of-muslim-extremism/.

If you go to www.WorldMuslimCongress.org and place "Female Genital" in the word search box, you will find 5 article on the topic. By the way, it was made illegal in the US in 1996.  There is scientific research on it.

Insha Allah, I am working on a project on separating evil hadiths from the good ones. Hadiths are sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), a bulk of them were collected and compiled nearly 200 years after Prophet's death. Imam Bukhari pioneered this work and rejected 99% (yes 99.1% rejection rate) of the hadith for lack of narrative chain and reduced the 600,000 collections down to 7,275- If he had another 10 years to live, he would have chopped another 99% of that 1 reducing the Hadith to 275 from 600,000 for not conforming to Quran and going against the character of the Prophet. Muslims are in Limbo at this time. Several movements have started and died down. But it has to be concretized now, and I will do my personal share of that work. More at http://hadithsandislam.blogspot.com/2014/11/hadith-rejection-rate-is-99-imam-bukhari.html

Mike Ghouse

Did you know that female circumcision is an obligatory Islamic duty? Did you know there are more ahadeeth specific to female circumcision than male circumcision?

1) “When the (male) circumcised part meets the (female) circumcised part, bath becomes obligatory” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

2) The hadith related by Abdullah Ibn Umar who states that the Prophet instructed some Ansar (Medinan) women visiting him to ‘be circumcised’ (Mukhtassar zawaid musnad al bazzar, Ibn Hajar).

3) The hadith where the Prophet told Umm Atiyyah Al Ansariyyah, a lady who circumcised girls in Medina: “When you circumcise, cut plainly and do not cut severely, for it is beauty for the face and desirable for the husband” (Abu Dawud, Al Awsat of Tabarani and Tarikh Baghdad of Al Baghdadi).

4) Umm Al Muhajir said: “I was captured with some girls from Byzantium. (Caliph) Uthman offered us Islam, but only myself and one other girl accepted Islam. Uthman said: ‘Go and circumcise them and purify them” (Adab al Mufrad of Bukhari)

5) Umm Alqamah says that when the nieces of Ayisha's brother were circumcised, 'A'isha was asked: "Shall we call someone to amuse them?" "Yes" she replied (Adab Al Mufrad)

The evidence is clear that female circumcision is Islamic and obligatory. Why would Hazrat Ayisha have her nieces circumcised and Caliph Uthman order women who had embraced Islam to be circumcised if it were not obligatory? Our best scholars including Imam Shafi, Imam Hanbal, Ibn Taymiyyah and Sheikh Jaddul Haqq declared it to be obligatory for women. A good Muslimah follows the fitra of circumcising and does not fall for Zionist misinformation regarding our religious duties. Besides, it's a very simple procedure involving removal of the prepuce of the clitoris which is like the foreskin taken off from little boys at circumcision and benefits us in terms of genital hygiene and increasing sex pleasure.  For more info please see:

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